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RLBUHT Improvement Academy

The Royal Liverpool Improvement Academy will bring together a number of existing strands of work as well as new approaches to improving processes that directly impact on patient care. This aligns to the strategic initiatives of the RLBUHT around Quality, Efficiency and Productivity [QEP]

The work of the academy will be facilitatory in nature, and will join up the following:

1. Building capacity and capability in our workforce through increasing the knowledge of quality improvement, change methods and human factors approaches to problems.

2. Acting as a repository of tools that promote Trust-wide improvement

3. Creating a network of senior trained improvement facilitators who can support clinical and non-clinical projects across the Trust

4. Act as a receiving area for new ideas that can be supported by a high level prioritisation exercise

5. Design projects with scientific rigour that subsequently allows the Trust to derive academic outputs for dissemination via the scientific literature to influence regional, national and global healthcare

6. To serve as an exemplar of NHS collaboration that attracts external attention.

Our approach is underpinned in four key stages:

  • Ideas & Opportunities
  • Quality Improvement Methodology
  • QEP Programme
  • Exceptional Patient Experience

Key members:

1.Service Improvement & Change Team Improving patient flow from entry across acute models of care to reduce delays associated to throughput whilst ensuring that patients are discharged appropriately

2.Clinical [medical, nursing and AHP] colleagues with recognized training in improvement methodology and project management

Examples of Improvement at the Royal

• Reduced length of stay in several key patient pathways including fractured neck of femur, stroke and hepato-biliary

• Support of improving theatres effectiveness from both a theatre utilisation and stock management perspective

• Improved efficiencies with recruitment processes reducing processing time by over 2 weeks

• Facilitate strategic priority work streams such as current administration workforce review and Major Trauma Centre collaborative

• Process changes within Aseptics department to reduce waste and improve the communication within the department

Benefits Realisation

The Academy will also harmonise the process by which clinical and non-clinical benefits are realised by using the uniform process at the link below:

RLBUHT Benefits Realisation Process