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Clinical Skills & Simulation

Clinical Skills and Simulation provide a variety of programmes for medical and nursing students, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals designed to meet training as well as service needs.

Our portfolio ranges from basic to more complex clinical procedures utilising low medium and high fidelity simulation and includes both technical and non-technical skills. 

We aim to provide multi-disciplinary clinical skills training to healthcare professionals to help develop, improve and maintain competencies in the clinical area. As a Centre for innovative teaching and experiential learning we provide a safe and non-threatening environment to all users.

By integrating best practice guidelines and research in all our teaching activities, we are continually working towards improving and maintaining a safe and high standard of practice whilst promoting the importance of lifelong learning.

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Clinical Skills and Simulation Course Portfolio 2018 -2019

Clinical skills and simulation provide a variety of Programmes for medical, surgical and nursing Students, doctors, nurses and allied health Professionals designed to meet training as well as Service needs.

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