International Nurse Team

International Recruitment Service and OSCE Team 

The International Nurse OSCE Training team were established in April 2021 to support the onboarding of 280 Oversees Nurses during the year. Whilst this was not the first International Nurse recruitment campaign for the Trust, in fact Oversees Recruitment dated back to 1998 and has been creating a diverse workforce from the Philippine’s, Europe, India and Africa ever since, it was certainly going to be the largest. 

The small team of OSCE trainers work alongside and in partnership with the PEF team, to interview, recruit, support the nurse’s arrival, facilitate a program of OSCE exam training and provide the much-needed Pastoral support to ensure our new staff settle into their new home and work roles.

The newly recruited Nurses are required to undertake the NMC OSCE exam within the first 12 weeks of UK arrival, and exam centres are often several hours drive from Liverpool. Both the OSCE trainers and the PEF team have therefore supported the chaperoning duties to and from these test centres, to unburden the stress from the candidates, and support the cohorts. A 24-hour emergency helpline is manned by the OSCE trainers’ team, and they have also worked collaboratively with the Recruitment team and Workforce teams to enrol the nurses onto our Trust IT systems, and also ensure they receive their onboarding training events, Occupational Health and Bank appointment. The OSCE team has also worked in partnership with other Trusts in the Pan Mersey region to ensure consistency of training and agreed local policies and has also been tasked with training Oversees Nurses from other Trusts.

By December 2022, 277 Nurses had arrived in the UK, and have since all passed the OSCE exams to become Registered Nurses in the organisation.

A further program of   training is being provided to Oversees Registered Nurses who are working in the Trust as an HCA because they have not passed the two other exams to undertake the OSCE. This group are being supported to complete the three exams to achieving their NMC Pin.

For 2022, the planned number of oversees Nurses is 100 for the Year, but this may fluctuate to meet the needs of the new site opening in the Autumn. It is still proving to be a interesting and exciting time, and we look forward to embracing the challenges of our future workforce. 

For further information please contact:

Project Manager for International Nurse Training
Mobile – 07990431024 – 1st point of contact
OSCE trainer mobile – 07990146529 – 2nd point of contact
Telephone - 0151 706 3248 – last point of contact














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