Careers Champions

Do you want to inspire the young generation?

We are constantly looking for senior doctors who have an interest in providing careers information and provide real-life information and advice about their specialty career.

Conversations are intended to be informal and will draw on their own career development experience to provide information and advice.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Career and Clinical Fellow Lead Dr Leo Khoo 

Career Champions List

Rheumatology: Dr Jennifer Christie
see Jennifer's Career story and profile here

Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine: Dr John Bassett
see John's Career story and poster presentation

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics: Dr Lauren Walker
see Lauren's Career story

Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine: Dr Tae Lee
see Tae Lee's career story
see Tae Lees mini bio

Acute Internal Medicine: Dr Ruby Viney
see Ruby's career story

Medical Education & Clinical Teaching

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