The majority on LUHFT hub placement are already or soon will be coaching wards.

Using a coaching approach replicates the changes highlighted within the new NMC Standards. We are now utilising Practice Assessor and Supervisor roles. Coaching allows for larger groups of students to work together delivering total patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Coaching wards house a coaching file and resources. Please contact the PEF team if you would like guidance for student nurse’s document. PEF Team LUHFT

This Model is a method of supervision underpinned by coaching principles. It encourages students to develop their practice by leading on and delivering the care for a group of patients whilst learning to work in partnership as a team. The student Nurses work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse who is the designated “coach” for the shift and can be either a Practice Supervisor or Practice Assessor in that Clinical Placement area. Coaching models are supported by the new NMC Standards for Supervision and Assessment and aim to facilitate a smoother transition from Student to Registered Nurse upon qualification. Similar models have been shown to improve students learning by increasing their reflection skills, critical thinking, problem solving and building their self-confidence and motivation. The students here will work on the ward for an initial induction week with their designated Assessor/Assessor before they are then engaged in the coaching team. All student Nurses are expected to work a three-shift pattern whilst in the coaching team, and one student will wear a yellow lanyard to indicate that they are the designated team coordinator for that shift. All Health Professionals will be directed to this coordinator for patient related communications, under the supervision of the RN coach. Students will still be assigned Practice Assessors and Practice Supervisors on this ward, and they will complete the student’s assessment based upon their own observation as well as drawing upon the feedback from the coaches.

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