Trainee Nurse Associates

We are a small team within the PDU, consisting of Practice Educators and Clinical Educators. Our main goal is to help facilitate the learning experiences for the TNAs during their training by providing the support and guidance to equip them with the skills necessary to become Registered Nursing Associates. 

The practice educator's role is to act as the TNAs line manager throughout their training. It gives the TNA a direct line of contact throughout their programme and ensures they are fully supported not only clinically but from a pastoral standpoint as well. The Practice Educators ensure that the TNA is on track with their qualification and the students have an opportunity to meet with their Practice Educators on a 3 monthly basis alongside the University programme leads, with ad hoc visits in between, if and when needed. 

The Clinical Educators role is to work alongside the TNAs in clinical practice, offering practical support and education, while identifying areas for development. They will liaise with Assessors and Supervisors to ensure you get the best experience in the placement area.

If you would like more advice about the TNA programme, please contact:

Sarah Clarke on  or Tel: 0151-529-4694

or Aoife Jacob on or Tel: 0151-529-5468

The TNA Team run a range of programmes as below:

Direct Entry Trainee Nursing Associates

The TNA Programme

Apprenticeship Trainee Nursing Associates

Medical Education & Clinical Teaching

If you're involved in clinical teaching events and need to capture your attendance or feedback, please click the link below.

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